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The drawings generated by computers allow to evaluate and promote the product in advance the manufacture of the mould and to evaluate in the preventive phase the most economical working strategies.

Turning ideas into products

When it comes to developing a product, our team of designers and engineers works with the customer from conceptual design to prototypes, through all stages of processing.
Engineering and Reverse Engineering
Engineering and Reverse Engineering

The need to reproduce the geometry of the elements manually created by the modelers is now felt by the modern productive infrastructures that need the accurate mathematical model both for the prototyping phase and for the subsequent development and processing processes, and for interaction with suppliers.

The data base of three-dimensional CAD is therefore a solid starting point for the entire production cycle and plays a major role in the product development process.

Peculiarity of the creations of industrial designers is the complexity of the forms to be realized, not describable with standard geometric entities. The products, in fact, in addition to having the functional characteristics defined by the designers, must also be equipped with an aesthetic value and must be of strong appeal to the public.

Mold-flow analysis
Mold-flow analysis is the simulation of the plastic injection process. It allows to analyse the behaviour of the moulten plastic in the filling and cooling phases. It is used to evaluate the results that affect the goodness of the product and predict the aesthetic and functional features of the post-moulding workpiece. Thanks to this simulation mode, the weight of the product and the use of raw materials are optimized to avoid waste.
Structural calculation
The purpose of the structural calculation is to determine the distribution of internal forces, movements, stresses, deformations and displacements, in addition to the degree of solidity and strength of the finished product structure: all in order to solve the engineering problems of the object.
Rapid prototyping

The industrial applications of rapid prototyping are a set of techniques aimed at the rapid construction of equipment for the realization of pre-series.

Their importance can easily be understood as the making of production equipment is one of the longest and most expensive stage in the development of a new product, so any step forward in this industry involves substantial savings in terms of both time and money.

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