Automation for maximum efficiency



Designing automation solutions is the key to successful production process improvement in terms of timing, quality and cost.

Quality is the source of all the satisfactions, productivity your record!

mtprogetti, in order to maximize productivity and efficiency, uses all the latest technologies, such as:
  • Electrical unscrewing systems using Brushless motors; (Universal Unscrew System)
  • In-Mould Label Technologies (IML);
  • Two-tone, two-component and co- injection over-moulding;
  • In mould assembly (IMA) with electric actuators;
  • Closure of corks before expulsion;
  • Programmable logic 4.0 moulds.
In Mould Assembly (IMA)
In Mould Assembly (IMA)

The IMA allows the elimination of secondary operations to the moulding by producing inside a single mould different details that make up the finished product and assembling them directly before the extraction phase thanks to sophisticated movements and manipulations inside and outside the mould. Therefore, what is normally produced through the use of multiple production lines is printed, in case the components are of different colors and materials, with a single press thanks to one or more independent injection groups.

On the economic side, IMA technologies, despite the higher initial investment, eliminate assembly and multiple production lines costs and also save on energy consumption and storage costs.

From the qualitative point of view, the In-Mould-Assembly technologies ensure the correct assembly of the pieces, as they are hot-mounted, and, thanks to the internal sensors of the mould, prepare the piece for scrap in case of non-conformity.

Intelligent moulds - industry 4.0

Intelligent moulds are those moulds whose operation is controlled by a computerised system complementary to the existing injection process. Through the simple insertion of the Euromap 67 socket we interface the two analog mould and machine systems, without further modifications to the injection moulding machine softwares already in use.

The dedicated PLC (programmable logic control) supplied by us, manages electrical actuators and all other possible systems. Thanks to the sensors and transducers integrated in the moulds, the process is monitored and the internal and external movements of the mould can be customized according to the chosen parameters.

The PLC also provides:

  • Statistics and reasons for moulding downtimes, breakages, tamperings and incorrect operations
  • Machine safety and man safety
  • Preventive maintenance and diagnostics
  • Predictive capabilities and predictive maintenance

Our know-how will give rise to a new production approach with real-time production monitoring, cost reduction thanks also to the elimination of machine downtime, shorter set-up time and reduction of errors.

It is in this spirit that we expect to be protagonists in the 4.0 Industry programme.

Moulds–design, hot runners and their accessories
The design of the mould and of all the equipment is made taking into account all the mechanical aspects (steels, thermal treatments, surface finishes), the technical aspects (moulding cycle, injection, filling simulations and stress analysis), and the economic aspects.

Each mould is designed and studied in every part providing 3D modelling of all components.

Each mould is designed and studied in every part providing 3D modelling of all components.
Over-molding consists of placing a preformed part (insert) inside an injection mold and injecting the material all around.

Double injection molding (co-injection) requires a first injection of a material into a mold in order to form the initial part or a section of the part. A second material is then injected into the mold to form the last part of the artifact.

Know-how preventive, programmed and predictive maintenance of industry 4.0 moulds

Automation 4.0, allowing production and mould to be monitored in real time, also offers the opportunity to manage the preventive maintenance of the machine and to carry out predictive efficiency assessments: the advantage is of great relevance as it reduces costs otherwise caused by errors, tamperings, unplanned downtimes and extended set-up times.

Preventive and predictive maintenance optimizes the use of technological and human resources and increases productivity and company competitiveness.

Special machine design, automation dedicated to the sector
Among the development solutions of new production strategies, there is definitely automation inside the moulding, that contributes to the reduction of costs. Automation means the following:
  • Universal Unscrewing Systems;
  • In-Mould Label (IML) technologies;
  • closure of corks in the machine;
  • different components mounted in the machine before ejection.
Locking and mounting system directly in the machine
The moulded parts are assembled directly in the mould during the extraction phase with methods and technologies dedicated to the product, such as rotary tables, movable dowels and locking systems integrated in the mould.
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